How To Beat The Heat at Magic Kingdom

When thinking about your Disney World Vacation, it is fun to think about Dole Whips and Character greets. But, Florida is HOT, especially in summer! Check out this easy to follow walkthrough guide on how to escape the heat at the Magic Kingdom! #wdw

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When thinking about your Disney World Vacation, it is fun to think about Dole Whips and Character greets. But, Florida is HOT, especially in summer! Check out this easy to follow walkthrough guide on how to escape the heat at the Magic Kingdom! #wdw

In a perfect world, we would all get to do Disney in 70 degree, partially sunny weather ( which, by the way, is usually January).But with balancing school and work schedules, I get that you can probably only visit during summer months when you get to see melt your face off temps on your weather app. Been there, done that….with toddlers.

I am fast-pass spoiled and pretty much refuse to wait in any outdoor lines if the thermometer reads above 80 degrees. Call me prissy…I won’t be offended. Deodorant only goes so far. If you can relate, rest assured that there are ways to beat the heat ALL OVER DISNEY! I am focusing this post on the Magic Kingdom, but it is possible to enjoy a complete Disney Vacation even when the weather is sweltering.

If you find yourself at the Happiest Place of Earth during what feels like the hottest day on Earth…let me guide you through to save yourself some sunstroke. 

It is still possible to enjoy Disney, even on crazy hot days!

First, head down Main Street via the Emporium. I know, I know. You want to take the obligatory picture down Main Street in front of the Castle. Go ahead…take the picture. Then, seriously, hop into the Emporium. You can get quite a ways down Main Street via the air-conditioned shops and come out near Casey’s Corner at the end (Time it right and you can catch the amazing piano player!). 

Head into Adventureland.

Maybe take a quick stop at The Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse, take a spin on Aladdin’s Magic Carpets and you will soon come to your first reprieve:

The Enchanted Tiki Room

Enchanted Tiki Room

Get in touch with your tropical side during this 10 minutes of bright, feathered musical fun, located in Adventureland. Brownie points if you enjoy in your Dole Whip during the show. Be forewarned, though, you WILL leave singing “The Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room” for SEVERAL hours after the experience.

From the Tiki Room, it is a quick jaunt to:

Pirates of the Caribbean

I have only had to wait for this ride at peak times during the day. If you have to wait for longer than 20 minutes, I would suggest walking by until later in the day. However, if the wait time is at reasonable length, rest assured that this line is inside…and mostly dark in keeping with the pirate theme. The ride is dark and you even move through a cool mist, which will be very refreshing if you are covered in sweat. Parents, the ride is appropriate for all ages. However, I would take caution if you have skiddish children. There are loud noises inside, so sensitive children may struggle. My 3 year old hid at the beginning of the ride, but never cried and said she loved it at the end.  We wouldn’t even take our 5 year old, because we knew he would hate the loud noises of the pirate battle. Use your judgment. 

Pirates Stickers are handed out at Walt Disney World's Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Great free souvenir!

Also, when you leave through the gift shop, ask for pirate stickers. They will give them to kids free, making it a cool, free souvenir. 

After Pirates, take a quick jaunt up to Frontierland.

If you score a mid-day fast-pass for Splash Mountain…awesome! If not, pass by. You will wait a hundred years for it on steamy days. Just go ahead and mosey on up to your first, Frontierland stop:

The Country Bear Jamboree

Country Bear Jamboree

This  Disney show featuring the classic animatronic bears is a great place to escape the heat. The wait inside is comfortable…get there early enough and you may even score a bench inside. The show is fun and campy. Our kids love it…and we love the air conditioning!

After enjoying the musical bears, go ahead and take a jaunt up Liberty Square into Fantasyland.

Sure, you will pass the Haunted Mansion…but that line will be brutal if you don’t have a fastpass.

Once in FantasyLand, take a stop at:

It’s a Small World

The Hawaiian Dolls are part of the classic It's a Small World ride at Walt Disney World resort.

A rite of passage for all Disney guests is this classic boat ride. Personally, I wouldn’t wait super long for it…but the wait is relatively inside, though not air-conditioned. The ride itself is slow and indoors. Plus, the tune is catchy enough to get “The Tiki Tiki Room” song out of your head….though “It’s a Small World” won’t be much better. 

Once you leave It’s a Small World, take a moment to reflect on global citizenship and then find your next haven from the heat at:

Mickey’s PhilharMagic

Enter the PhilharMagic waiting area and experience immediate A/C. Heaven on a hot day! The auditorium houses a HUGE screen that shows a fun animation featuring Mickey as the conductor of an orchestra, and the mishaps that ensue.  Plus, the show is in 3-D. Fun for the kids, and fun for grown-ups who enjoy listening to the classic Disney tunes.

After leaving the the theater, you should be able to take a quick twirl on Prince Charming’s Carousel, before grabbing your stroller and taking a quick jaunt up to Storybook Circus to ride:


So, yes, some of the line is outside. But, the Dumbo ride is genius if you have to wait with young kids. Inside the queue, you will be given a pager, much like at restaurants. There is an amazing indoor play area for kids, seating for adults, where you can blissfully relax while “waiting.”

The Dumbo ride at Walt Disney World Resort- fun for kids and adults
This was the first time I ever rode Dumbo! I was 25 and still 3 years away of being a permanent O-Town resident!


Storybook Circus also has a fantastic splash-pad type spot for kids, and covered seating area with charging ports. This spot is tucked away and usually un-crowded, making it a great spot to snack or eat lunch if you were thrifty and brought your own ( which I highly recommend. Splurge on dinner).

Storybook Circus is right next door to Tomorrowland, where you will find:

The PeopleMover

The Tomorrowland Peoplemover in the Magic Kingdom is a great way to escape the hot sun while still...moving.

The PeopleMover is a great spot to sit down, while still being on a ride. This slow moving ride spends its entire time touring through Tomorrowland under an overhang, or inside dark areas through Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin and the Carousel of Progress, all while listening to a narrative with some cool Disney back story. Even if the line is long to enter the attraction, it moves fast as the PeopleMover, well, is always moving.

The Carousel of Progress

Walt Disney World Carousel of Progress is a great spot to beat the heat

MK has been the home to the Carousel of Progress since 1975, making it one of the oldest and most classic attractions in DisneyWorld.  You will find it near the Buzz Lightyear Meet and Greet in Tomorrowland. Inside an air conditioned auditorium, you will tour through several decades using animatronics, fun music and cool narrative to remind us of how far we have come in the past century.  After the 21-minute ride concludes, it will definitely have you wondering what we have to look forward to in the next 50 years?

Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor

Monster's Inc. Laugh Floor

Also located in Tomorrowland, this is a great spot for a laugh. The jokes may be corny, but the show is fun and the show loves audience interaction. While waiting in the queue (inside) you can text your jokes that may get you a shoutout in the show. Our joke-loving Josiah loves to do this.

At this point, I would head out of Tomorrowland back towards Main Street. You may be asking, ” But, Keri…what about Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin and Space Mountain!?” 

Buzz and Space Mountain are AWESOME attractions, but odds are you will want a fastpass. If you can get one and squeeze it in, by all means do it. Space Mountain may be easier to snag later in the evening. 

As you move back down Main Street, stop at Edy’s and get some ice cream for some final refreshment. If you are cool with sharing, the Kitchen Sink is a fun choice…and would make a great munchie for the fireworks.

A kitchen sink full of Edy's ice cream is a great way to beat the heat at Walt Disney World

 There ya have it! My ultimate walk-through guide to beat the heat at Magic Kingdom.

Don’t let hot weather steer you from a visit! If you haven’t bought Disney tickets yet, check out Undercover Tourist for some great discounts. 

What is your favorite way to get through hot days at Disney? Let me know in the comments! 


21 thoughts on “How To Beat The Heat at Magic Kingdom

  1. I love the Carousel of Progress! I would ride that one over and over when I was a kid! I like how you listed the rides in order so you aren’t walking all over the park. It’s great to have all of these indoor or semi-indoor rides all in one place! Thanks!

    • If I have a rough day, my husband will start singing ” It’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow,” which is a little annoying…but funny 🙂 It is definitely something that I think a lot of people tend to skip, even though it is a classic. But on hot days, it is a great reprieve.

  2. I’ve never been to The Magic Kingdom – it’s a long way for me as I’m in the UK! That being said, it now sounds like a place I’d like to visit – my youngest would love it!

  3. sarah says:

    This is a great list of things to do at Magic Kindom! I will have to revert back to this list when we take our kids in the next few years 🙂 And I am with you I would never even think of waiting in a line if it was 80 or hotter!

  4. Jessica says:

    Pinning this for when we take our little boy next year!! My best friend went last year and said it was awful! I bet she could have used this. Great post!

    • You definitely have to be prepared for it! It can be brutal and sometimes you really just have to lower the expectations of what can get done in the heat when you don’t have a fastpass. But if you have a plan, it can definitely be manageable 🙂 I hope your family has a magical time here!

    • Definitely magical for kids! End of September to October or January-February are the best months for weather and crowds:) September can still be a bit steamy, but not nearly as rough as May-August. Hope you get to visit soon!

  5. Shell says:

    These are great tips for being in the Parks on super hot days!!! It’s a small world and Pirates are definitely two of my fave rides to beat the heat 🙂

  6. I’ve only been to magic kingdom twice but I wish I had known this beforehand… some great tips… and I too was fast pass spoiled on my last trip hahaha

    • When we first came to Disney 7 years ago, long before we moved here, we didnt even know about Fastpass. We were such rookies! Now, if I have to wait more than 15 minutes for anything, I struggle 😁

  7. Your lucky to live near a theme park like that, I would love going to Disney Land or Disney World all the time if I was closer! I’ve always dreamed of living near DL to get a season pass and go whenever! Reading this was so exciting and brought back many fond memories of my childhood going to DL. I will definitely pin this for later when I do go again, thanks!

  8. I can totally relate to what you mean by going to Disney in the heat. Been to Hong Kong Disneyland with some small kids at 35 degree Celsius I thought I may have a heat stroke or sth! Glad to see your post to save my life so next time I don’t need to be all sweaty.thank you!

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