I May Never Buy Canned Pineapple Again!

This Handy and cheap gadget has makes it RIDICULOUSLY easy to slice pineapple. I am in love!

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 I probably shouldn’t use such broad generalizations. Let’s face it. Canned Pineapple has its place in many a recipe ( like my Slow-Cooker BBQ, Pineapple Pulled Pork). Truth is, though,

I am lazy and hate cutting my own fruit!

Now that I admitted to it, it saddens me to say that laziness is why I do not eat nearly enough fruits. I love the taste, but the labor involved to cut up a watermelon…eh. I have to really be in the mood.

So, in a bleary-eyed fit of insomnia the other night, I was scrolling through Amazon and came across this gem, the Adorox Stainless Steel Pineapple Fruit Core Slicer Cutter Kitchen Tool for a measley $6.75! Plus, I am an Amazon Prime member,  so I knew I could be easily slicing pineapple in less than 48 hours. Boom! (P.S. If you are not already on Prime, I highly recommend. Click Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial for a free 30 day trial)*

Adorox Stainless Steel Pineapple Fruit Core Slicer Cutter Kitchen Tool

It came as promised today and I couldn’t wait to see if it really could slice and core a pineapple in less than 30 seconds. 

The mechanism is Crazy simple.

I easily pulled the handle out of the box and twisted it into the blade thingy… super technical term, I know.

The handle simply locks into place with two push buttons. Be careful handling this as the blades are very sharp. Definitely, do not allow children to have easy access to this gadget.

Then, you simply slice off the top of the pineapple, right below the leaves, and place the device at the top. Twist down and cut through the pineapple until most of the blade is inserted.

Adorox Stainless Steel Pineapple Fruit Core Slicer Cutter Kitchen Tool In Use

Then…THE COOL PART! Simply twist in reverse and the pineapple comes out cleanly and easily!

Pineapple After Removal

I have very little hand strength from years of typing and sometimes struggle with simple jars and bottle caps. I had zero problems and it truly did only take about 30 seconds.

Using the two push lock buttons, you take the handle off and the pineapple slides right off into nice, neat rings.


 It was so incredibly easy.

For the price I paid,  I was shocked that it actually worked as well as it claimed. Definitely one of my more exciting kitchen gadget purchases and I would highly recommend to all of my lazy non-fruit cutter friends!

Plus, you will get a cool, empty pineapple that you could cut in half for an amazing salsa serving piece. (  Click here For a delish Pineapple Salsa recipe from Tonia over at The Gunny Sack). I am soooo glad I found a simple, more efficient ( aka lazy) way to enjoy fresh pineapple!

What is your favorite way to eat a pineapple? Let us know in the comments below! Cheers!


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