Beat Back To School Blues With Summer Flair

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It is officially “Back to School” Season for us!

Technically, I have been back for a month, because as a guidance counselor, I work a bit in the summer. However, it is still quiet and more relaxed. Mr. L. started pre-planning today and school is back in full swing for Josiah on the 10th. I have a palm tree saved on my desktop, just to remind me that outside the sun still shines! 

The lazy days are definitely coming to a close. With this weekend being sales tax-free weekend on school supplies here in Florida, I got to thinking… how can we eek out some summer fun into our back to school style? I wanted to share with you some cool items that will bring the easy, carefree, tropical days of summer into the classroom!

Graphic Tee’s

If your student attends public school without uniforms, go with fun, bright graphic shirts. They are school appropriate and will remind your students of the fun summer they had. I used to live up north and bright colors were awesome reminders of the sunshine when the clouds were cold and gray. Tropical 3/4 sleeves are nice when it gets a little chilly in the fall.

Backpacks can be cool!

You remember when you were “cool” when you wore the backpack on one shoulder? In the last few years of working with teenagers, I learned that is no longer a thing. Two straps all the way. It’s also cool to have unique prints and patterns. Younger kids may love backpacks in their favorite characters or to remind them of their awesome Disney vacation ( Invest in the backpack…it will last longer than the plastic bubble blower. Promise. )

Older kids and teens will love the tropical print, or beachy colors. I would legit take this  Herschel Supply Co. City Mid Volume Backpack to work. I love the aqua! 


This is where the real fun happens. Pencils, binder clips, pencil cases, pens, notebooks, folders! The list seems endless. I swear, I could be doing math in a notebook with a flamingo on the front and be in a much better mood. I hate math. Seriously, who decided that it needed letters? My math teacher husband seems to love me anyway.

Some of these items can be used for your office, too!

I would love me a flamingo notebook. 

If there is one school supply, though, you shouldn’t forget…IT’S THIS:

Hand Sanitizer!

Seriously. Schools run rampant with viruses and germs. Buy it with a beachy, coconut scent and your student will carry the smells of the beach with them all day, all while warding off the heebie geebies. Your little genius ( and their teacher) will thank you.

How are you preparing for the school year? Let me know in the comments below!

Your student will love going back to school with these easy, breezy supplies to remind them of summer fun! Plus, there is one supply you definitely don't want to forget!

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